I'll call it mediphilia

being obsessed with meds and doctors.


hmmm dose that mean labratnewphobia

What is that? lab rat?

Could be251515152515

Theres a couple on here mentioning no names, that are a bit too obsessed with the treatment. Whatever they are offered - you can be sure they wouldnt be happy with it, and will post to moan.

They dont seem to realise there are probably hundreds on the books of mental health teams and they aint “that special”.


That would include myself who never mentions the good things I learned from my pdoc. Maybe it’s a cycle. They do good and then turn around and say something destructive. I do get suspicious.

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I think it’s because they have to keep a professional distance and talk frankly. I feel that way sometimes too. But then I think about it, they aren’t therapists and they are trained to not cross a line. It’s about the meds, the symptoms, and trying to fix that alone.

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Sometimes it’s difficult to say we need people.


100% true, I agree

I hope I am not one of those people…

When I moan about treatment, it’s because it actually does suck ass

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I’d wager yeah, they get a woodie twisting people around


No i wasnt thinking of you. They do suck arse over here lol.

I can’t help losing my ■■■■ with them sometimes

My issue is they promise things and do f all about it

Drives me mad as hell and I just can’t take it anymore

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Haha. I hear you buddy. I had a row with them a few days ago.

I apologised - but its only cos i need to be on the books for the benefits, or i would bin them off and have the GP do the monthly injection.

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