I'll be 42 years old in October, Is anybody else the same age

I bet I’ll feel kind of old when I turn 42. Does anybody else have a birthday in October as well? Also is anybody about the same age?


I’m 53, but I remember 42 very well. was getting married and working and raising kids and having a good time. 42 is a wonderful age in my opinion because you feel good physically and you’re smart enough to stay out of trouble lol.


I just turned 43.

I was 44 in March. My sister will be 46 in October

I will be 44 in December

I feel like my life has passed before my eyes with this illness

38 checking in.

Feel like And think like I’m 22 though.

Not sure I’ll ever shake it actually…

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I’m 43. I don’t feel old yet.

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30 y.o., 80 y.o. physically and 14 y.o. mentally.

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I’ll turn 41 in October.


I am 44 years old.

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I turn 40 in the 13th September. My Big brother turns 42 in the 29th September, so he’s in the same age as you. :slight_smile:

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