II was insane. I know it now

The potent hatred of insanity. My mother felt it and I felt it.

how were you insane, @chordy ?

I hurt myself in response to my mother’s fears. Then, I felt myself identify with her insanity which was to hate anyone who spent money.

Lol… You’re funny.

Hate anyone who spends money.

We all spend money.

How did you hurt yourself in response to your mother’s fears?

I was still flat chested with blue teats that were fighting growing up. They were very sensitive and I beat them. My mother feared I’d never grow up. I knuckled under to her.

Do you feel you have grown up now?

No. I feel my maturity never blossomed. My behavior got bad and I live like in a jail.

Oh that sucks. I hope you have some forms of relief from that.

I personally think you’re not totally immature.

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I’m probably immature too I just don’t know how

I don’t know man

What is immaturity anyway.

You know?

Emotional immaturity has temper tantrums.

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