If you've been on a ward - was it locked or unlocked?

My first stint was 4 months on a locked ward. My stays since then have been on unlocked wards.

How about you folks?

Locked always involuntary. Didn’t know they made unlocked units .

I just came from a crises “home” and even though I was brought there by a cop I was there voluntarily, but now that mention it there was locks and like 2 doors (stages) to get through

Been on both types too.

Been to both. The unlocked ward was like a retreat or vacation. Both times were voluntary.

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I went to a therapeutic boarding school for one year where everything was basically locked. Didn’t feel very therapeutic to me. The other people there were nice and we had some fun times but the therapists were the worst on the planet. Place is shut down now

Sounds like a nightmare. Glad my parents never followed through with sending me to one of those (a therapeutic boarding school).

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Yea it was a terrible run down place where we all constantly complained but like i siad I really enjoyed the other people/students and we made our own rediculious shenanigans so it was bearable. Since it was in New England in some random valley. During the winter it looked like Hoth from Star Wars lol

8 months locked up. I had about 8 other hospitalizations, none lasting more than a week and a half. Only one of them was unlocked. But we still got to go outside in the locked wards. In my last hospital stays they used to let me out by myself to take walks in a circle around the building. When I was in my first psyche ward I went jogging with a counselor and walked to the park one morning by myself. It was an unlocked ward, I was 19.

I’ve only been on locked wards.

I’ve been on both

all my wards (4) that I’ve been in were locked wards…man, I can still hear the keys in the doors as the nurses came and went…made me feel really bad.

where i stayed the door was open but you werent allowed out of the ward and they were constantly monitoring your every move

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The one I was in, they wouldn’t let us outside of the building, it was on the 16th floor, but we could be outside of our room at any time except 3 to 4pm which was “quiet time.”

They closed the care room at about 10 or 11pm which contained the tables and television and if you didn’t have a good book or will to excercise in your room, then all you could do is walk around the hallways like a mummified zombie looking for life again.

Locked - I Volunteered, although I was escorted to the Psych Ward by the Cops.

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Just like my first time. Was escorted by police and told I would be detained if I tried to leave. So was voluntarily - but wasn’t free to leave locked ward.

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both times were locked wards but voluntary confinement.

All involuntary… always locked.

I’ve always thought unlocked wards were for people who went voluntarily…

Now I see… that’s not the case.

Where I live you can be involuntarily detained for 28 days to begin with. Next step is 6 months.

Now in my experience some doctors will keep you for as long as they can legally so I have always opted to come in voluntarily. There is no way I could survive 6 months - your benefits get lowered a lot and I have bills to pay.

For this reason I have tried to steer clear of being sectioned.

Locked. I was not allowed to leave at all for two months. Then I could go for short walks in the hospital area with company. After 4 months I could leave for longer walks with a friend.