If you're cut from

if you’re cut from ssi, can you join army?

  • no
  • yes

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I don’t know. I imagine they would be wary of you, because you would have a better claim on a disability pension when you got out. If you want to join the army I would think long and hard about it. You are signing a four year contract that you can’t get out of without some bad paper following you around. You have to want it awfully badly.

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they say no ssi doesn’t mean no MI…

I can get cut off, and still declared MI.

my worse fear…

army’s rough. 4 years probably not cool either

We dont have ssdi ssi ■■■■ this life…

You have to pass a psych evaluation to get accepted into the millitary. They would turn you away immediately because of your diagnosis.

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I don’t believe that anybody with schizophrenia would be accepted into the army. I don’t believe the army would draft someone with schizophrenia and I don’t believe that they would let anybody with schizophrenia sign up.

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yeah, I know…