If your neighbor has one of thees, you my be living in the stick


My parents do! And I grew up with one for a few years :slight_smile:

Whats that dr zen…!!!

have you ever seen a out house. .bathroom

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Okay i thought it was kennel…

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any one got any corn cob’s or news papers

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Do u have pet dog at ur home…

no…but my neighbor dose

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U have cats right…!!!


What are they eating beans…

One house has one of those near me.

Saddest day in the sticks was when the Sears catalog went from plain paper to glossy!


Hey, guys, those are pretty common in Alaska, I had one 2 years ago…and when it’s -40 F after a couple of months you have to take a hammer or axe to the “poopsicle” or you’ll impale your arse when you sit down! It’s sooo nasty! :poop:

You ain’t been livin’ til your arse is shiverin’!

My parents have an outhouse.