If you witness a paradox, do you go to investigate?

as clear as day, you see something that is paradoxical. something that could never possibly happen. you feel like you’re in the twilight zone.

an example is seeing the exact same thing happen, in the same day, at two completely different locations. or seeing a person in the super market who is obviously following you but trying to pull it off like he is just there to shop. do you face them? do you ask them who they are, or do you just continue on?

what about seeing your reflection move differently than you move while looking into a mirror?

I was at a party once and I saw the same exact person in two different rooms. I ‘investigated’ later on and asked them if they were twins. she looked at me with a confused face. both people were socializing and mingling in the party normally, so it’s not like it could have been a mere hallucination. I almost felt like announcing it loudly, but I was so fear-stricken and I half-guessed everyone would respond in a freaky way because I was doing something wrong, like everyone stops what they are doing and everything goes quiet, and they just stare at me. this thought was enough to scare me into letting it go and having it just hang out in the back of my brain as some freaky occurrence.

apparently when I hallucinate, I don’t see vague sillhouettes, or shadow people, or something questionable. what I see is down-right fully fledged people made up of atoms, with personalities, people who in no possible way could be questioned that they didn’t actually exist.

what about you? are you one to investigate something freakishly odd, or would you ignore it and go with the flow? just wondering what type of people you are. I would investigate no matter how scared I was.

does anyone here have any creepy stories they feel like sharing? something that is still unexplained?

I like to be able to ‘explain’ the paradoxes that I experience, but sometimes that’s not always possible, and they linger (and haunt me)

If I start thinking like this it’s a sign I may need a med adjustment. Delusions of reference and magical thinking mean I’m losing my insight and heading towards a crash.

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I’m currently on meds but I still experience strange phenomena. I’m scared af to be honest.

Well if I saw something paradoxical, I guess I would assume it was a hallucination and I would try not to worry about it. Except maybe I would ask for a dose increase on my AP.

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Guessing you need a change in dose and/or maybe a different med. It could take years to get your positive symptoms down to a manageable level if you’re treatment resistant like I am. I would get so overwhelmed with alien crap that I would shut down and go catatonic. This is one of those time takes time things. Keep taking meds, working with doctors, keeping a diary of what is bothering you, and you’ll get fixed up. Relief is coming!


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Trying to find holes in hallucinations and delusions with the help of investigation and logic helped me get out of a delusion before but only kinda. I still believed the delusion to a degree but I could fight against it. Only after being on meds for a while do they go away because they work for me. Keep on fighting the delusions.


My delusions usually go away after some time, but I too try to find holes in them, just to help calm down the thoughts a bit.
If I have some sort of hallucination, I will usually just freak out for a bit and move on. I don’t usually investigate and I try not to react and just keep acting natural.
Sometimes something will happen and I just know right away that it’s not real, or I convince myself it isn’t.

Things like people following me, or being watched all the time can get really scary, but I still manage to keep a level head, because I know there’s a chance it’s not real.
I still always investigate for cameras and things, though. It just helps me relax a little bit.

What’s a dox?..


I agree it sounds symptomatic. Co incidence kills me when I’m symptomatic…subtle ideas of reference and co incidence…it’s just how my brain deals with the universe and it’s not normal. I think that is the key!

If you are experiencing things that aren’t in the normal range then it’s time to talk to your doctor!

A friend in the struggle,


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From around 2008 I started noticing young guys waving frantically at me as if they knew me when I drove by.
Playing along with all things stupid it was just a game -right? After all, I had no idea who, or why they started waving at me, running up to me to talk, pulling over when I was walking and telling me to get in, they’d give me a ride-always friendly of course…but just the guys, not usually any girls.
This went on for a few years, and since I rarely left the house, I figured it was just another “Game” being played out on me - even heard a description of a person and a first name only, with the exact description of the same make model and color car I drove on the police scanner!
Apparently she was well know in town by the police, maybe that’s why I’d get these funny looks from shopkeepers, have employees following me around the store constantly, dirty looks from old women, giggling and hushed whispers from teenage boys…
Coincident? Or just my Sz acting up and meds went flat? I dunno.
Not until one day I stopped by a friends appartment, and this lady-the manager, started yelling at me about not being friendly enough to say hello when she did-twice.
Uh, me?
So I walked back to ask her and she stared at me for a minute, then told me to go knock on the door of appartment “m” so she could “look” at me.
Sure…nope, nobody there.
Twice she mistook me and yelled about me not saying hello until I walked back up to her, then she’d apologize and take off.
My 2 cents is,
I’ve got an evil -or sleazy twin somewhere around town that must have been pretty cheesy…a real party girl.
I’ve done a lot of research, and believe it or not, I think this girl is a distant relative (with the same last name as my dad) explaining the mistaken identity.
But I’ve yet to meet her.
Don’t really want to meet her, I just wish she’d clean up her life and not drag my reputation down too.


I used to hear the voices of people I knew talking while I was in front of them or just passed in a building. Voice was identical, but I never tried to talk back to what they were saying. Good thing too

I saw visual in dot matrix pattern when I hallucinated. It was single and not many things. It also moved, generally increase in size.
Also I looked colour of different pattern.
I didn’t hear voices.
Most difficult thing was for me to deal with Television and radio. My gf lefted me because I asked her "do you hear radio. " now it is under control. I don’t know why but when I using to deflect my brain than it controlled.
I have delusion also and generally I am thinking about problems not related to me. It requires tablet to control.
Now I control my body behaviour and only teeth movements remain. I don’t write from my side but it is force and written in my teeth so it require to answer.
I bless by God that I am living.

It is interesting to read your experience. I hope you will be able to find out her real identity eventually.

The reason why people interested in me is no joke. I actually looked like a local comedian! And he was on YouTube.

All the mystery unveiled when one day a mechanic asked me “Are you the [King of Comedian]?” I said no. He then said my face and my body shape looked like him.

not ever, never, or ever after.

I think I have, I saw her name on facebook, Thanks Google!
While I don’t think we look that much alike, we are definitely related way back in the old country on my dad’s side-everyone with that last name is all related back when.
I don’t really want to contact her, but it is good to know the last 9 years this wasn’t all in my head- it took a lot of investigating, and thank goodness I have such a good memory and can put all those random pieces of the puzzle together.


I noticed something paradoxical about “motion”, and so I investigated it and discovered Special Relativity.

Moved to Unusual Beliefs.

Also if you have ever played mage the ascension paradox can be dangerous and it limits your magic.

I investigate when the doorbell rings – could be someone delivering takeout. Gotta say that answering the door and finding JWs instead is a YUUUUUGE letdown.