If you were in a band would you rather be playing an instrument or a singer?

I would rather play the drums. Then I would rather be a singer, than an electric guitarist, then I would rather be keyboardist….and so on.


Singer. Instruments are a pain to carry around and maintenance, and the singer gets all the attention.

It’s also arguably the hardest one to “learn,” requires a certain born talent like painting or drawing

although in this term “talent” is probably more physical like “shape of vocal cords”


I practiced singing since I was seven years old and I can’t carry a tune. I guess I should have gotten professional lessons. I want badly to play with others. I have a guitar and mandolin.


I was lead singer in a rock band in my senior year of high school

I really enjoyed singing


I’ve played a combination of percussion and keyboards in a band and a vocalist in a jazz band. Loved them both. I sang in high school groups, and in a college group too. I have no idea how I did all that though. I now realize I’m horrible at singing and percussion.


I’m not a great singer and i don’t really want to be the focus of peoples attention, I think right now I’d like to be a mixing artist & drummer, then Keyboard, maybe bass guitar then acoustic, and electric guitar. I also love live looping so I’d love to fit that in somewhere lol


I always wanted to be a heavy metal drummer.

Look like Joan Jett, but with talent. :wink:


I am in two bands and I play instruments. I can’t sing very well. I can do back up vocals


I’d love to play an instrument as part of a band
I can play piano solo and part of duets

Maybe i could do singing if i had training, but i wouldnt quite be ready for solo yet

If i wanted to learn another instrument, it might be strings, like cello or violin


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