If you were healthy would you willingly get infected with sz?

For a million dollars?

If it saved someones life?

If it saved your own life?

If you got the most desired partner?

Anything you wanna add…

Not a chance.

You can make a lot more than a million dollars in a lifetime.

Maybe if it saved a life but that’s unrealistic.

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No not in a million years.

This is a silly question.

Nope. I have sza and sz is worse.

Maybe for $10 million, reason being I feel it’s curable, at least the kind I have (substance-abuse based.)

Noooooo way


What I have ain’t worth any amount of money. Trade ya.

I would if I could get it without having to go through years of trying to find the right meds and multiple psychotic breaks. If it was a you’re infected and now you have to be in meds but you’ve never experienced symptoms kind of thing I would totally do it for $1M. I would probably do it to save someone’s life. I wouldn’t do it to save my own life.

The million dollars would be spent by the medical costs. It would ruin your life. The most desired partner is likely to leave you if you are rendered unable to work, or unable to function well. And no I don’t want to add more because I wouldn’t do it.

I would say no. My life was pure hell before I got on the right meds. And it took me, the docs and fate 33 years to hit on just the right cocktail of meds to make me well. I’m sza.

people buy crack. rich people would pay big bucks to get schizophrenia.

I wouldn’t wish this illness on my worst enemy.


I’m gonna say no. I wish I wasn’t so afraid of my brain.

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No. I wouldn’t wish this illness on anybody including myself.

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I’ll be the screwball and say maybe.

In this life I only know my own interior experience. I don’t know what it feels like to be another human. It’s like the old trading places with someone question. Might as well pick myself, since it’s what I know. Others may have problems worse than mine that don’t show.

What is healthy and normal, anyway?

I couldn’t have worded this any other way.

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