If you were Colonel Custer what would you have done differently?

Some tribes weren’t generous and welcoming. The Comanches were anything but that.

True, some were not friendly to newcomers but many of them were. Some were war loving people. Others were not.

How is that any different from us?

Are you telling me that if someone invaded your territory and threatened your way of life, you wouldn’t pick up a gun

If I’d been Custer I would’ve made sure I had a second arrow proof vest while the other one was in the wash.

That’s not what I’m telling you. I’m just saying that the Comanches were superb fighters. They kept Spain from moving up into Texas, and they held up the U.S. westward expansion for several decades. I’ve even had my Indian friends tell me about “outlaw tribes”. I’m an eighth Chickasaw myself, and they were known as the most warlike tribe of the five civilized tribes. The Chickasaws kept the French from moving up the Mississippi River into the heartland of the United States. If it wasn’t for the Chickasaw I would be addressing you in French right now.

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Should have went with mustard instead of custard

I was just at Gettysburg earlier today! I’m kind of obsessed with it, especially now that it’s winter and no one’s around. And I ordered the book that movie is based on—The Killer Angels. I’m looking forward to reading it.

Here was my view of the barn on McPherson Ridge today.

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Cool pic!! Looks cool AF in the snow. I was there in 1996. We stopped on our way home back South at this restaurant (man I wish I could remember where) and had the best salt pork in my life. I drool thinking about it 25 years later. :slight_smile:

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@crimby excellent points, and excellent story. I am fascinated by all things Native

It’s interesting that you mentioned the Five Civilized Tribes. More North were the Iroquois, also known as the Five Nations. They were five distinct tribes, but all spoke the same language


You both know more than I, my only cred is I thought for the longest time I had some Iroquois in me, we even knew the tribe name, Seneca.

I’m stuck somewhere in the past with Sz maybe and I just simply like movies that talk about this stuff.

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