If you were born in a shamanic culture

What Role Would You Have?

I’d be the sucker who believed the cunning conman shaman probably…

Probably a human sacrifice given that my symptoms are not visions


People didn’t start doing human sacrifices until, adequette pyramid schemes were built…

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Oh, the pyramid guise got you swallowing back to the “pillistraino” eh?

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How many times has Steven and Stephany tried out for the destruction of the pyramid scheme, and got stoned, banned, edited, drugged, kidnapped, imprisoned, shunned, or other wise removed from Matrix? A lot more than use to happen, I can tell you that!

What would happen if Neo, said, “No Morphius, I am not taking either pill. Welcome to the Ministry of Silly Walks…”

Then it would be a comedy and not a dumb movie that takes itself seriously

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You’ve come here with a chip on your shoulder, are crucifixions now silcon sand based and virtual ?

Golly, Casper The Friendly Pixelated Ghost, I Guess Cyber Is ■■■■ Coins, No Dragons Way Up Top that Heap Of Blue and Red, Regressive Taxation For The Navel Intelligence Tor Browser Conflation!

Only Warm Wet Circles, And Sugar Mice?

Somebody had to say it :+1:

I would find the shaman and say: “im not into dancing with drums and singing and all that stuff, but do you have any good drugs today?”

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Shamanic culture isn’t bad. Some shamans have great wisdom.

Korean shamans do recognize mental illness though. The shamans here define mental illness as a “dark wave of cloud over a person”. I even had a shaman recommend me a counseling session :joy:

For Koreans, shamanism is a religion. It’s about worshipping the spirits and gods. There are people who are not shamans, but believe in shamanism. And the shamans in Korea are just priests worshipping Korean gods and spirits.

If I was in such a culture, the shamans here would recommend a counseling session.

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