If you were a wild predator

if you were a wild predator, what would be your prey?

mine would be boars. they probably taste like pig, and I had pork for dinner today.

might try to prey on bees too. bees are intimidating, but if i could eat them, then they won’t be intimidating anymore.

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Pepperoni pizzas.


Wild loaves of bread. Heard they grow in the shade of the giant sequoias.
I’d have to find me a big stick, get a fat fire sizzling, and make some wild toast.


another prey for me would be bears. imagine fighting a bear! and winning!

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seeds and bugs… berries wild lettuce, aw,. that’s a skunks diet… you may slay the bear … but ill mess up like a week nobody will wanna hang out lol…skunks are geniuses…


Ew. Bears are very oily inside.
My grandpa shot and skinned one in his garage, and refused to let us kids look at it hanging off the hook.
He said it would give us nightmares, because you couldn’t tell the difference between a skinned bear and a human hanging there.
Oh ew.
We ate a salad that night for supper.


I’d be a bear so I’d eat Fish, fresh honey and Yummy fruits.

if i were a predator, i would prey on wild cows. taming a wild cow would be cool, and doing that would probably be easier with fear. also, i could drink their milk for a drink before eating their meat. like a meal with drink. and i really like cereal, so the milk is a bonus.