If you watched TED talks, who was the most inspirational?

I watch TED talks because I enjoy getting inspirations from their speech.
Do you have anyone you’d like to recommend?
One was Eleanor Longden if you want to know a person with schizophrenia.

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The three I know of are Eleanor Longden, Elyn Saks, and Cecilia McGough. Out of those, Cecilia’s TED talk is my favorite. Elyn Saks is probably the best one to watch though, as she’s pretty high functioning and has appeared as an advocate on the news and in a couple documentaries.


Thanks for your recommendations. Also I have another, if you’d like to watch, it’s Barbara Arrowsmith which overcame her severe disorder(but not schizophrenic.) :smiley:

I like Eleanor Longden. I also like Cecilia McGough and I even worked with her for a short period of time. Cecilia is a nice person.

P.S.: just remembered there is also Phil Borges.

It is impressive you worked with her. Did you do research about brains or something

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No. I worked for Students With Schizophrenia. I did some Graphic Design and animation work.

Edit: I also have an interview we did together, but I was quite nervous during that interview.

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Dr. Amen I think. He talked about how the brain can cause all sorts of problems like if you have a cyst it might be diagnosed as a psychiatric issue.

He’s a great speaker! I watched his talk, and it was so great…! I lended some of his books from library. His idea encourages me so much…

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many of them make me cringe, though there are a few good ones, where the speaker isnt trying to construct a narrative, but rather reporting about past events without any persuasion involved, otherwise i feel it tends to devolve into personal opinion, and ive watched 20 min clips without learning anything at all, other than that some specific aging scientist/academic is seriously losing touch with mainstream reality, spending all day in stuffy libraries focusing on a small collection of ideas which seem different to commonly accepted views, and which are notable only for that reason. at the same time youve got people up on stage who only vaguely have any idea about what their talking about

Yeah, 20 minutes seems to be quite short for absorbing knowlege and that’s why TED is mainly for giving inspirations to people. I know what you’re talking about. Some speakers make me cringe and not useful, but thinking that some of them have profound reserch background and worked on it really hard for many years, it just intrigues me to learn more about it.

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If we consider Graves spiral dynamics, TED Talks seems to be Orange turning into Green.

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i feel researchers can be very intently focused on the wrong issues

a lot of people who make it to ted are just capable of putting together speeches about uncommon issues which people are likely to click on

some of it is informative, but i feel scientists and researchers also get distracted in the process of doing their jobs

esp if they are underpaid and not particularly passionate about what theyve ended up doing

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Shane koyczan makes me weep
I saw him live a few years back
His ted talks is amazing

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I remembered a Brazilian guy who has an important TEDx Talk about poverty. His name is Eduardo Marinho. He talks a lot about poor people here in Brazil being more intuitive.

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I love J.P.'s TEDx talks!



I didn’t know Jordan Peterson made a TEDx Talk. I have his program, Self-Authoring. He’s a bit fatter.

Edit: just watched his TEDx and I can’t grasp what he really means. He shows many religious images during the lecture. It seems he looks for patterns in religious stuff. Maybe he’s a bit delluded, lol.

i really benefited from this one actually,

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Wikipedia editors deleting informations because they follow their own agenda? I have the impression I’ve seen this before in some place… :roll_eyes:

Edit: astroturf is real. Manipulators tend to use words like crank, quack, nutties, liers, paranoid, pseudo and conspiracy.

“Instead of questioning authorities, they question those who question authority.”


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