If you want to lose weight

by eating less, give oatmeal with milk a try. You end up full pretty fast.

I prepared 1kg oatmeals with peanut butter and milk yesterday… I´m the type of person who likes to eat until I feel full. Oatmeal made me feel full earlier, although I felt some hunger pangs later (because I was eating less calories total, even if I was full), but it was easier to manage and wait for the next meal.

And it makes you go to the toilet more regularly, and with better stool…


I have overnight oats every morning.
It’s very filling.


I weighed myself this morning and I was shocked to discover that I weigh 168 lbs. even. That’s the most I’ve weighed in many, many years. So, today, I am fasting.

It takes a deficit of 3500 calories (I think) to lose a pound of fat a week. Since I usually eat around 1500 -1700 calories a day, that means I need to fast two days a week to lose one pound a week.


I try and stay away from sugar. I’ve fallen again. I’ll just get right back up again.


A cup of oatmeal ( before cooking ) with honey would keep my stomach full four hours. And that was when I had hunger problems.


I am not far from that weight I would love to weigh in at 168lbs even. I am the lightest I have ever been in years I feel healthier and more confident than ever my heaviest weight was two to three years ago lost about 50 pounds in the two years at the gym and kept it off ever since I have been going to the gym. I feel amazing. Thinking of eating oatmeal for breakfast tomorrow to keep me full so I don’t snack much have been snacking a lot before I cut that out a lot as well that may contribute to the weight loss as well.


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