If you think you are stupid remember there are people like this


I’ve done that whilst psychosis… I didn’t take a selfie or anything though. Shoot I’m stupid…

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Would you do it when stabilised on meds? All of us can do less than sensible things when psychotic.


No I wouldn’t… I wouldn’t do a lot of things now

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Stupid and also in very poor taste to want to take a photo lying on train tracks. Was she making fun of suicidal people or something? What a jackass!


I caused a scene at the grocer this morning by commenting on someone’s inability to pull his mask up over his nose. Don’t doubt that he takes train crossing selfies in this spare time.


Having an old school friend being killed age 16 on the tracks, this is incredibly stupid.

I live very close to East Sussex!

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Stupidity doesn’t surprise me any longer. Maybe she will think twice after the world destroys her with memes.


I know right? Not hard to pull your mask over your nose. The cult of Pinocchio will not be offended.


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