If you take Clozapine

Does it help you sleep?

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I think it does

İts helps but it has really nasty side effects.its really powerful drug though

Yeah it helps. It takes a while for me to nod off, but once i’m asleep, i’m asleep. Then i have the opposite problem, i have trouble waking up. Lol!

i nevere tried clozapine but abilify puts me out right away. judy

I only take clozapine for sleep.

I take clozapine and sleep like 11 hours

it helps me sleep yea. i take my evening dose and like an hour after that i start to crash.

Yes I’ve been on my it around 16 years and always slept well

When I took it I slept 12 hours like a baby.

It makes me sleep too much…11-12 hours a night.