If you started being sz aged near 40, what was your progression?

I guess same as me but instead of being 16, at age around 40.

I hadn’t had a long working life behind me
i guess that with Sz one always feels a little different or breakdown-able?

I was diagnosed at 39 (got it at 38). I had an extensive work history. Was unstable for about 6 years but finally I am stable.

Not cured by any stretch of the imagination but stable. I estimate I am about 30% of the man I used to be.

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I was 35, so that’s kind of close. Basically extreme paranoia followed by auditory hallucinations and some visual hallucinations as well as some catatonic states .

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I know no 70 % step - down from anything in the past.

Always always odd and felt lonely

some friends some fun some schoolwork

how did you reason it all out when you had early symptoms? was it something you noticed as unusual?

did you lose insight suddenly?

I’m not sure what you mean as insight. When I went paranoid it was over a weekend, I’d say within 1 day. The voices grew over weeks till I was catatonic, and was fired from work for being catatonic

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At age 30 my son was born and had some stress at work lost a lot of sleep and became paranoid and delusional to the point I couldn’t function. Was unemployable and ,or hospitalized for about 3 months , landed one of my old jobs and flew under the radar there for a couple years while I recovered. 2 other episodes since ,still at the same job 17 years later


Yes - that is what i meant.

Insight is i guess what we tend to get when we come out the other side.

sounds tough… and congrats for keeping your job long term.

i think a lot wouldn’t feel able to go back.

I was in no shape to return to work but had a new family I had only been married a year and a half ,my son was a newborn. Luckily I had a job where I had previously made a name for myself. So they weren’t checking on me much and I worked mostly by myself. I was a pretty low quality worker for a few years and faught the negative symptoms with caffeine. Working was extremely tough I would literally push myself to take the next step to where I was going. Meds changed ,I found Jesus and with that things got easier. Feel like my life is back only better.


I didn’t know I had a problem until I had a suicide attempt and was hospitalized. It hit me suddenly. There was no gradual progression.

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I got sick at 30 and been hearing voices for years. My doctors think I’m delusional but I don’t think I am. I don’t know if there is a difference between getting it later in life as opposed to younger in life.

How can you hear voices and not be delusional. I’m sure I’m missing something

Fell ill at 20-the usual. Big psychotic break again at 61. Four or five nervous breakdowns as I got older.

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