If you need something done right, you've got to do it yourself

I used to be on a program called Mobile Meds, they would take care of my meds and deliver them each morning. It was a great help. Then the guy who did my meds quit and I was on my own for a bit. A while back the woman who runs the assisted living program offered to help me with the meds.

She texted me yesterday saying that all my scripts expired and I’ll be out of psych meds on Monday. I looked through the pack of meds I got for this weekend and there’s no Abilify and only one Luvox pill.

I called the clinic medline, which claims you’ll get a callback the same day. That doesn’t happen. So today I get to spend my time calling this woman, my pharmacy, and the clinic and try to find out what meds I’ve got left, why they’re not being delivered, why my scripts expired, and I’ve got to get them to call in new ones ASAP.

Such a pain in the ass. I really like the last minute warning. I’ll admit I usually just pour the meds in my hand and swallow them, I rarely look to see exactly what they are. This makes me wonder how long I’ve been without Abilify or how often I’ve only gotten partial meds.

Sounds like it’s time to go injections instead of pills. As you clearly can’t cope with taking responsibility for your own medication regimen.

How is my trust in someone managing my medications a clear example of irresponsibility?

Yes, that’s someone else’s fault! I totally agree!

I’ve been on the same medications and the same dosages for a few years now. Why would I have to check each morning? I trusted that I would get all the meds.

To see if you’re taking all of them correctly for one…Which clearly you haven’t been and admitted it!

As for taking responsibility, what the hell do you think I’m doing now that a problem has appeared?

you just like messing with peoples heads

Hmmm and just what exactly do you call taking responsibility for your medication? But seriously dude chill! I’m not your enemy!

@Dreamscape, @Resilient1, piss off, again. You guys want to keep this fighting alive? Fine.

Being proactive is usually a good thing and yes it can be hard to do.

With my son’s pharmacy they would give me/us a printout every time we picked up prescriptions so I could tell how many refills he had of each.

Hopefully you can get this sorted out asap.

If I’m guilty of anything it is trusting the woman whose job it is to handle these things to do that job.

Believe it or not, I had to attend some class/workshop on taking the right meds in the psych ward - they taught us on how to be responsible taking our meds. Checking what you are swallowing makes sense to me - I am now very careful checking to see what I am swallowing. Checking out images of the meds online helps as well

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I have a pill box/sorter. So just once a week, I put the pills in the am/pm boxes. That’s when I take the time to look at each bottle and pill to make sure i’m taking the right stuff.

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Called pharmacy, all my scripts had expired. Called BCM, got machine. Called head of BCMs, got machine. Called medline twice, got a machine. Was told by the clinic that there was nobody I could talk to.

On my third call to the clinic, and after demanding to speak to a human they got someone on the line. They’re calling in my scripts today. They said they had no call on the medline from me yesterday, ■■■■■■■ liars. My phone has the log at 3:39pm.

So situation sorted, and a good ■■■■ you to those who want to start ■■■■.