If you love someone, you have to work

And the trick is to not let all the work spoil your love. I know my mother worked for me, but so often it would make her mad and that scared me away from her.

For some reason this is very confusing to me, but it seems simple.

I guess it means she hated childcare but that didn’t mean she didn’t do it. It was not neglect. It was angry care.



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@Chordy “angry care”. I like it. So relevant to many social interactions… I can see it a lot in care settings.

that’s a very insightful statement… of course I was applying it to romantic scenarios when I read it.

it’s funny I was just thinking about it… I’m pretty good at keeping house… imagining what I do to balance it a bit… either working part time and keeping the house in line while the lady brings home the bacon…

then low and behold this thread’s title jumped out at me.

I would certainly want to be doing something to earn income… perhaps enough to get off disability.

My first girl, and the only relationship I really consider legit… her parents were strict and not very generous… she was pissed that she had to find work while I was able to live off my parents. She always undervalued that my folks paid our rent… it’s like… YOU DON"T PAY RENT…

but the process of her wanting to do things… and only really being able to do them with me… which meant she had to pay for all the small stuff… which does add up…

Ranting now…

but in that case… If I was working that relationship would have been a lot healthier.

At least I’m not stoned off my gord all day any more…