If you lived in


Argentina or Chile in October-April. And the northeast United States from April-October.

The weather AND amount of light would always be great. But who can afford to do that!?


Imagine living in Ecuador on the equator it gets dark the same time every day. At least it gets dark late though.


You could visit Transylvania and night wouldn’t be an issue. Jk jk not making fun. I just enjoy the beauty of the night as much as the day. All the geikos that munch at night or the occasional toad that sits by my back door. I love a good fire at night when I’m camping, s’mores yumm :yum:


I sleep during night.


But night can last for hours


Yeah that’s why I’m depressed in winter because I can’t sleep through the whole night. I’m diurnal fully.


I’ve been many things depending what med I’m on :upside_down_face:.


Yeah when I was off meds I could stay up all night but not on them.


Maybe try the lightbulb @leaf mentioned. Definitely worth a shot!



Shall I change my avatar to image


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