If you let me play

This is sort of in reply to the other thread on play. I hate to say it, but how to play… it might be a boy/ girl thing.

My brothers and I were encouraged to go outside and play and wrestle and throw rocks at each other, my sister was encouraged to learn how to knit.

When my brothers came in from playing they got, “wash your hands for lunch.”
When my sister came in from playing she got, “look at the state of that dress.”

I don’t think my parents did this on purpose. I think they accidently fell into this long old line of thinking. They did snap out of it eventually. One of our feminist cousins turned my sis on to the “if you let me Play” speech. My sis still has it in her files. Sorry but I forgot who wrote this.

If you let me play
If you let me play sports, I will like myself more; I will have more self-confidence.
If you let me play; I will be 60 percent less likely to get breast
cancer; I will suffer less depression.
If you let me play sports, I will be more likely to leave a man who beats me.
If you let me play, I will be less likely to get pregnant before I
want to.
I will learn what it means to be strong, if you let me play…

She posts it up for our nieces every once in a while so the parents in the family know there is more to life then a clean dress.


my parents sent me out to play, and were very disappointed when i came back !!
take care


I was allowed to play. Until it got dark and cool at night. I guess I was lucky for that.

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I played sports a lot as a kid. We had a basketball hoop in the backyard. But when I was really little, I played with dolls, Barbie n’ stuff like that. When I was older, though, I played softball and tennis and on the school playground, and sledding on the snow.

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