If you knew your safe

if you knew your safe would that ease your problems

It would ease some of them.

If I was safe… from others or for others?

I don’t own a safe…


safe from problems in genral

That is nice thought, but no life is perfectly safe from problems. Everyone has problems.

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problems can be solved no doubth

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very true, what we over come helps to define us.

I think the concept of safety would alleviate my paranoia and panic. Those are my most troubling symptoms. Who knows what I could do without those two!

I’m always on the pursuit of safety and happiness.



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No one is “safe” or immune from problems, mentally ill or not

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If I knew I was safe I would feel very happy, but its only in Heaven we are safe. This world is never totally safe, to my sadness.

I wish I felt safer around people and not so much anxiety. It’s so unnecessary. I’m trying to do better.

i don’t fear death so being ’ safe ’ does not bother me…
take care

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If I knew my safe combo I could shut it and use it gain. Now I have two. Two 5 foot safes.
so yeah, I’m safe enough.

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