If you keep coming after me, everything I say, how is it harassment? When you hear what you don’t wanna hear?

Good things. 15151515

I’m just not going to post on his posts because everytime I say something he has an argument about it then I reply then he runs out of stuff to argue then claims he’s a victim.

This is the first time I’ve claimed victimhood, but I should have done it earlier. If you truly can’t understand that polling people over their degree of agreement with a statement - one I made earlier whose wording betrays the ironical intent-is not a syllogism I feel sorry for you. You appear desperate to make a statement, even if you have none, moodily basking in the reflected glory of compulsive serial Wikipedia quoting.

The syllogism was to show deduction with poor premises. Then I gave examples of fallacies within the argument, but it doesn’t matter. Good things. This is a support group.