If you have lung problems due to smoking cigarettes

Use an electronic cigarette, it soothes lungs due to being oily, it really reduced my cough and I can breathe more easily,
Smoke your ordinary cigarettes but some times smoke the e cig.


my brother sometimes vapes but he can’t afford the liquid so I think my parents can’t afford the ecig. I have talked with them about smoking e cigs or quitting all together but its impossible to convince them that they can live a life without cigs.

Here in Iran the liquid is about 2 dollars and it lasts for 1 week, the e cig itself is about 15 dollars,

If you can’t afford it in no way I’m ready to post it for you.

It’s just a present for you not helping.

no reason to get crabby, things are more expensive here than in iran. and I wasn’t talking about me I was talking about my brother and parents

I don’t insist more and please accept my apology .

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its okay I know you are just trying to help

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