If you have low testosterone

Some of low T symptoms.
Being very nice.
Low motivation
Low sex drive

When i was on high dose of risperdal, i was feeling fear for no apparent reason. When i lowered my dose and my libido got better the Fear is gone.

Being very nice- i try to be but don’t always succeed
Anxiety- always prone to it but more of a regular thing since being on Consta
Low motivation- definitely
Low sex drive- increasingly infrequent masturbation. No sex since 1990
Fear-Not sure how to distinguish from anxiety. Closely related?
Depression- chronic low level/mild possibly

What no mochodivercety"" get a man shot to day testostran.

Oh NO… I AM very nice.

I’ve been pondering this… I’m not sure it’s low testosterone as much as low-self confidence.


If you feel this is an issue than talk to your family doctor.

My low esteem has improved, since i reduced the dosage of my med. high T level can cause aggressiveness, and thats what i want.