If you have good taste in music you will love these songs


a hot song

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White rabbit is a brilliant song. It makes me think of fear and loathing in Las Vegas



It’s Strange To Note, That I Usually Don’t Put My Personal Interest In The Music I Prefer As Being Good, Or Better Than Someone, Or Something Else In General.

It Either Speaks To Me In Some Sincere Way Or Not.

If It Is A Song Brought Forth By Truly Honest Musicians, Then I Can Probably Find At Least One Reason To Enjoy It. On An Odd Spectrum Of Thought, I Always Found It Fascinating That Most Popular Song’s Fall Under The 3 To 5 Minute Sphere Of Existence.

Which, Honestly, Is…, Odd That, It Seems To Work Well That Way.

Who Came Up With That Idea?.


N e Hoo.

No Matter The Genre, I Find Almost All Of It To Be Good In Some Way.

But!, We All Have Our Preferences. I Jus Shift Quickly And Get Slightly Restless.

So I Dig, And Dig, And Dig, And Dig. And End Up Somehow Right Back Where I Started.

Another Cycle. Bond. Sphere. Sun. Moon. Star. Planet.


Maybe Aliens Speak In Guitar Solo Tongues. Maybe That’s How It All Began.

Very…, Very…, Very…, Unusual.

Okokokok, I’m Jus Kidding. Calm Down!. . . . . . .

I don’t like those songs.

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I don’t mean anything, but what the Hell on your comments?
it’s just talk, and talk is cheap.
You don’t gotta make it something it’s not.


I Wasn’t, Didn’t, And Like Alice In Chains Says, ‘Got Me Wrong’. . . . . . .

I must have terrible taste in music.

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