If you have a good supportive family network are you more likely to try coming off meds?


I ain’t got one. So I have to stay on meds for my own survival. But I’ve always wondered if I had a good supportive family network would I be tempted to try to come off them because I’d have this false sense of security that they’d “catch me when I fall”.


I think the opposite is my experience.


When I lived with my parents I came off meds a ton of different times. You might have a point. I’ve also got off meds because I thought it would help me work and move out of my parents house. Terrible idea.


yeah its the opposite. my concerned family forces meds on me. I have to get away from them to get off meds


My family is very supportive. They would never encourage me to stop my meds. They know that I would not do well without them. They often check up on me.


I’ve got my husband and once my son goes off to college next year I might try. But then again it’s just a disaster waiting to happen so maybe I won’t.


Don’t properly know. Part of me thinks I stay on meds so I am not a burden on my family but I have tried to stop meds on my own more than a few times.

I think it depends on the family. Some families don’t believe in psych meds and encourage you to come off them.


My family wants me on medication. They can’t handle my craziness otherwise.


I take Meds for myself and my family. I can’t stand the voices and the craziness is hard on my family


From what I’ve seen most people feel the opposite because a good supportive family encourages their loved one to stay on medication and keep at their treatment.