If you had to say whether APs are masculine or feminine what would you say? POLL

so thats why guys get it worse

really wish i wasn’t a man now lol

I always wondered why my ap had female hormones in it

Statistically, men and women are equally affected. I think it has more to do with being trans than with the hormones themselves, tbh.

yeah but why’d they think it would be cool to use female hormones in my ap? i dont get it

I’m not sure what you mean. I don’t know if any AP that uses estrogen or progesterone.

My ap can cause men to grow boobs and lactate in high doses

It doesn’t contain female hormones though. It just interferes with the way your own body makes prolactin (not a female-specific hormone) which can do things like that. And that’s only if you have a genetic susceptibility to the effects.

This is because it reduces dopamine which would normally inhibit prolactin and when prolactin levels get out of hand it causes breast growth and lactation.

I encourage everyone reading this to look into the “gender critical” view point.

Men can be feminine and women can be masculine - it doesn’t change anything. I see myself as a mixture and simultaneously neither.

I see myself as both, but not neither.

I’m a mixture as well, I possess both male and female characteristics, but at heart I’m a man because I was born with male reproductive organs.

@Richard888 i take a small dose but i have always worried about this, it sounds a bit like hormone therapy

@Resilient1 hormone therapy consists of estrogen and progesterone, not prolactin. Excess prolactin isn’t good for anyone except during pregnancy and right after. You don’t have to worry.

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Latuda- masculine
Invega, Risperdal- Feminine
Typicals- Gender neutral
(The first one made me feel like a man but ultimately failed psychosis wise (and made me dangerous.))
Invega, Risperdal- Gave me man-breasts and toned down my man-hood to almost eventually nothing. However the bottom line for me was the voices which were calmed considerably
Typicals- Had no effect on me femininely or masculinely.
(So why would a man accept taking a drug that essentially destroys his manhood? You’d only understand if you were in my shoes, or had to face psychosis like I’ve faced it. Plus the feminine effect of having creativity is not the worst thing in the World.)

With English as my primary language, the answer will obviously be “neither”, seeing as we don’t assign gender to our words. However, as secondary language of French (and i only speak a small snippet), then i would venture to say that it could be considered masculine. Why? Just because some of the names of the antipsychotics sound harsher.

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