If you had the power to eliminate

… only one of your symptoms, which one would you choose. I would choose my paranoia, this seems to be very chronic in me, it really gets in my way big time


It’d probably be one of my negative symptoms like the anhedonia, asociality or avolition. I can deal/cope well enough with the positive symptoms most days with the aid of medication but things like forming relationships, being able to enjoy trivial things most people take for granted or just having the drive/motivation to do something is wearing.

Difficult to choose but either the paranoia or social anxiety.

definitely the chilling fear.

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Mine would be , I don’t know what you call it, “thought insertion”? I will be just doing something in the day and then one of the visions of gory thoughts I would have back when I was delusional will just pop in my head…I have learned to just “keep moving” to something else in my mind, but it happens about twice a day or so…scary movies are triggers for it so I avoid those movies…

Why only one not all? If I had the power I’d get rid of all of them. But since I’ve been granted one symptom to eliminate, it would be social anxiety.

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I would choose my false memories.

I have the same symptoms as you guys also besides the paranoia. I have some social anxiety, negative symptoms,false memories and some thought insertion. I guess its a “stew” of different symptoms.
Yes @lesterwaynedobo it would be nice if we did not have any symptoms at all. I was focusing on the most bothersome or troubling symptom we can experience

take care

Paranoia is the one i wish was gone :frowning:

what chordy said…

wax build up. I never want to have negative symptoms ever again. I have no feeling. I have no insight, I have no hope, no care, no love, it’s all nothing. I’m no where near human during negative symptoms.

I can take hallucinations, and even some of my delusions and even some of my paranoia. But the depression, the lack of caring, the lack of motivation and life flies by and I have no way to live it in any capacity. That is when I feel like giving up on my self and then my life.


cut off from reality.

Everything surprised J said…all that while looking in on the rest of the world from the outside.

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I can take the visuals, the other things as well aren’t that bad, but when they are in my mind threatening to torture me forever and ever and i feel them and how horrible they truly are i can’t take it.

It makes me sick inside, and is quite frightening and uncomfortable, i would choose that to get rid of.

What have they dubbed a symptom like that anyway? Would there be a scientific name for someone in your mind abusing you and being evil and the sickening reaction you have from it?

Yeah, I could do without the fear.

the voices. avolition i can cope with by forcing myself to do things but the voices take up too much of my time when i could b doing other things. i don’t enjoy talking to them so i would rather not. they can b nice but it’s usually if not always to get me to believe in another conspiracy theory…yawn. i don’t buy into it anymore but it’s a pain in the arse nonetheless. yeah defo the voices. there is one bonus though. at least i know they’re not real and that’s progress.

I would want to eliminate my social withdrawal most of all

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Yeah I get bad depression as well :cry:

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This sort of fantasizing about elimination of symptoms is a reality for me- I am extremely fortunate to respond to medication and not experience psychotic symptoms anymore. However, I also have severe generalized anxiety disorder, and I have to take medication for it or it makes me behave asocially and unhealthily and even effects my performance in school. I would love to not have anxiety, the Xanax works, but I still lose sleep over exams and papers sometimes. I also have anxiety over my conscientiousness, my therapist always points out. He blames my catholic upbringing on feeling guilty for having sexual and aggressive impulses that are perfectly normal for a powerlifting 20 year old male.

He even told me to experiment with more masturbation and sex in order to rewire by brain and not feel guilty about such impulses. I did, and it worked. I got over guilt for being aggressive by joining a powerlifting gym, I dont have time semester but I will be joining their competitive team this summer, so now my aggressive impulses are sublimated into a healthy outlet: a competitive sport.