If you had a wish about sz, what would you wish for

I would wish for to not get episodes. What would you wish for?

Not hear voices

Not have more depressive episodes

I wish to Hallucinate to God, I don’t care about episode for this.

To die as soon and young as possible.

For things to keep going the way they are for me.

They should give the medication flavors. Like chocolate Resperidone, or strawberry Seroquel. Maybe peach cogentin or pomegranate Welbutrin.


My Vitamin D prescription pills have vanilla flavor, I can taste it. Its cool.

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A cure. It would make this website redundant but we’d all be living life and wouldn’t that be marvellous.


For it to never exist or a 100% cure that will give me back my presz self.

Mint aripiprazole :slight_smile:

It could literally be taken as a mint, imagine that, free mints every day.

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I’d wish for the ability to work and not be weird or afraid. I wish I were likable and competent

I’d wish to not have this feeling like I’m in chains, would help with my productivity.

And won’t we all be surprised when every flavour ends up tasting like chalk?

No seeing or talking to people

More time for the patient.

That no one else ever has to experience it.

This disease robs us of so many things, makes us fearful, confused, and mad. No one deserves the paranoia, the voices picking relentlessly on every flaw.

It’s not fair, we are kind people, we don’t deserve this.

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To keep his thoughts to himself and never make a person sick again.

Seriously, no one in the world deserves to have sz. Sz is horrible.

That they would discover the best medication possible and approve it.

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