If you had $75,000 to spend on a vehicle, what would you get?

My car is a never been dented 2016 nissan versa and I would trade it in for a 2021 nissan versa painted---- white with tint windows and keep the rest in a drawer or perhaps get bitcoin. Not a car expert or enthusiast.

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I need a new car but nursing my old Kia through till it’s dead. It’s not a bad vehicle but it’s not worth spending on so needs new shockies. The air con has died and I’m not paying $600 plus for a compressor if it’s that…

For 75K I’d get a really nice SUV simply to have a vehicle I didn’t have to sit down into…that really kills me as I age…stepping up or into is great.

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Impala for sure

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Can i buy two?

I would buy a 250 euro new bicycle (mine was stolen :frowning:). Or maybe a somewhat more expensive mountainbike.

And see if there is a tiny boat available for the 74.750 euro i had left, that i could also live on. Does that could as a vehicle?

No need for expensive cars.

Ohhh. Dollars. No idea about the current exchange rate, but this is what i would do with 75000 euro’s.

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Hm. Or maybe this:


a Tesla model S

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I’d probably buy the tesla cybertruck. My car just broke down and i’m looking for an old rav4.

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