If you ever proposed... how did it go?

I asked my girlfriend to marry me.

She said… “Yes… but not yet”

I admit… I was a bit carried away by the great energy of spring. Maybe I was a bit manic when I asked… out of the blue… while deep in garden mulch… no ring.

Well… the conversation about marriage has started. It’s odd to look at a person and think… “this person is the right one” She wants to wait a bit until life settles down a bit.

For some of the married people on the board… how did you ask or get asked?


My wife said the same thing when I proposed. I figured it went all right. When we married it had been 2 years since we met.


My ex wife said yes right off the bat. Think about it carefully. I don’t think people should marry for love. Marriage brings a lot of responsibilities. You should know what they are and if you and your proposed spouse can fulfill them. Living with another person can bring sanity.


I proposed to a pregnant hooker. Crack makes you do the weirdest things.
But she said no.


congratulations…kind of…the important thing is she said yes. :heart:
we were in a thai restaurant…i drank 2 bottles of wine…i was drunk !!..it was april fools day !!..and mrs. sith did not believe me when i asked her !!
so it went well…not !?!
so basically you can only improve on this !?!
take care, very sober :alien:


i have no words… :wink:
take care :alien:

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Wow @SurprisedJ thats a big move! Good for you -
When I proposed to my ex wife, we were living together for a couple of years, she said yes right away - I did go on my knees and gave her a ring.
Marriage is a very big step - lots of responsibilities and hard work, make sure that you think things over carefully.

My marriage destabilized me over time - be very careful.
Not all marriages end up in divorce, like mine did - All the best to you guys!

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I knew my gal wanted me to propose. One night we were sitting in my car and she pointed at the sky and said" if i wished upon that Star,would you make my dreams come true?"

So I went home and wrote this song…

well she always wears a smile under green eyes faded blue
as she lays down there beside me and whispers i love you
won’t you tell me all your troubles you know i’ve got some too
if we spend a little time we can work things through

and sometimes i wonder could you be anymore beautiful
still i wonder could you be any more beautiful to me

if i wished upon a star would you make my dreams come true
or will you live your life promising those empty words “i do”
they say love can"t wait forever believe you me i’ve tried
tell me we will be together and never question why

and sometimes i wonder could you be any more beautiful
still i wonder could you be any more beautiful to me

(I bought her a ring that weekend. We’ve been together 25 years now…married 15.)



I married my weed pipe and the porn on my laptop when I was 18…I was high and psychotic…they both said yes and made my brain flood with dopamine. We proceeded to consummate the marriage immediately. Then my brain went way too high in dopamine and I got even more psychotic. It was one hell of a night. This happened every night for a while.

Just kidding, congrats. That is a big deal.