If you ever get a chance

If you ever get a chance to make a new website again,

I was wondering if there would be a way to make it…

Diagnoses… (subcategory Unusual belief / Recovery)

Day to day or Life (subcategory relationships / school / SSDI or financial concerns)


But thats a long way off. I like how it is now and I know it will evolve. But I was just pondering simply because I miss the Work/school category of the old forum. That blew me away to see it and then to see that other people with this illness even went to school. That really inspired me to try.

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Don’t need to make a new website. features like that can be added to this existing one if Admin wants to. I know on some smaller sites I’ve run in the past it’s a relatively simple procedure…add new category or add new subcategory…

I think @SzAdmin has replied recently that he doesn’t want to overwhelm the forum with too many categories and will evaluate as time goes on.