If you drive, your car can shape ur personality

Read this in an article once. Your model car can change your personality. Not only that but I have tons of hippie bumper stickers on my car about peace and love and stuff. It has made me more courteous of a driver and more courteous of a person. Naturally. Think about it. :v:

My car is a 14 year old POS. It has changed me into an old lady with no hope. I miss my Mercedes. It got repo’d when I became mentally ill. Symbolic of the changes that were coming and it was downhill after that.

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I don’t have my own car, used to drive one of my parents many cars. To therapist appointments in my prodrome.

Dont drive any more, miss it, it is very empowering.

I have a BMW and I’m rude, abrupt and quick witted.
I also shout in German in my sleep


I have a vintage mini, so try to stay on the sidewalk where I belong.

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I think it is rather a mirror of your personality. For example the choice of color reflects some aspects of personality : red for passion, black for rationality, etc…

I had a Mini. Miss it.

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I drive a sporty Volkswagen.
I don’t know what that means.

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My car fits me, not the other way around. I have a perpetually filthy 2006 Subaru Forester. It’s dirty where I live…windy with lots of bugs smashing into the windshield…
I love my car because it’s practical and reliable, and easy to drive…

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I drive a gold ford focus that’s been damaged after it got stolen (got it back after). It’s kind of embarrassing driving it around because it’s dented and scraped up. It still runs alright but I don’t have much money for upkeep. I do find that I am embarrassed of it, but at least I have a car.

I drive a city car…a smart for four…its small and can get into any parking space…i am very practical about my car…its blue and dirty most of the time

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I drive a Volkswagen. I guess I’ll try to conquer the world.

I want a prius lol.