If you don't eat something and take your Scoobies today, I'm gonna hate you for the rest of your life

I think we’re getting pulled beef sandwiches later. Phil.

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Sorry for the late reply, I lost track of the other thread. Yes that Final Jeopardy question was very difficult, I mean unless the person is a British History major or a person fascinated with the history of English monarchs few people would have gotten that one. I remember it was something like this person was the step mother of this queen until she was 15, then the stepmother died.

I had no idea who the stepmother was. I did think it was funny when Ken Jennings (who along with Mayim Bialik) is a delightful Jeopardy host was like, “It’s simple, see King Henry was married to this lady before he married the other lady.” I found it funny because he made it seem like some subtraction problem that could be solved with a calculator. I have very little knowledge of Royalty, all I know is that Carlos V is a fancy chocolate bar in Mexico.

Yeah totally, sometimes they have it in movies, but even Phil didn’t get it.
I sometimes try to tune into PBS, whatever they have on,]wondering, from their outter gear, what decade or century are we talking about.

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I’m really rooting for the Canadian lady to reach the million dollar mark.

yeah! what she comes up with, sometimes doesn’t even know.
she should know her worth.

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