If you do not like someone, does that not imply that one is judging them?

Just that question above…

I appreciate all opinions. :grin:

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Maybe I should just think I cannot relate to them instead?


Maybe I should instead think that I fear them on some level such as psychological.

That way, I can do what I need to protect myself from getting hurt emotionally for example

I think that is not stemming from judgement??, but just preventative mechanism from fear of hurt due to observing someone’s behaviour towards others for example.

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Whether you like them or not try to develop a strategy that minimizes conflict with them.


What is wrong with judging someone?

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Despite there being conflict people can still carry on with lives.

Have you seen married people who have been together for decades still get in bad fights. Or colleagues who always get into arguments and still manage get work done. Or best yet, friends.

The world is confusing.

Many people say we shouldn’t judge people yet at the same time they dislike people.

But if we dislike someone does that not mean you judged them negatively.

So the world appears hypocritical in general unless I’m missing something here, which I’m open to understanding.

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If someone abuses a spouse, a child, or an animal you can darn well bet I’ll be judging them and harshly. Seems only natural to me.


Should-should not thing is really troublesome.

As a general rule do what others do, not what they say. As you have figured out they don’t practice what they preach.

Judge them based on their behavior. Not so much on what they preach.

I’ve learned that you can’t be friends with everyone. I spend a lot of time in male dominated team sports. Full of egos and opinions. I’ve found that in those sorts of environments people won’t like you. Nothing you can do about it but your opinions don’t really move anyone anyways.

Just do you. If you don’t get on move on and find people you do groove with. I get on with most people. I’m friendly and funny I think. Others can’t stand me and it becomes obvious. I am still friendly but more polite. I can’t worry about their things or opinions.



Yeah. Trying to be that perfect saint of a person who doesn’t judge others is sure to backfire. There are lot of judging worthy people.


I’m not trying to be a Saint wen I say this, but wen I tell myself that I don’t like so n so, it doesn’t help my mood. Wheras if I think of an alternative way to view ppl that I dislike, it may not affect my mood that way.

I do fall into the trap of disliking ppl especially immediately after someone hurts me.

Not trying to act un human lol

Judging sounds like a harsh word, but everyone judges everyone whether it be positive or negative.

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You can tell yourself, “I don’t like XYZ’s behavior on that day.” This way you can dislike their behavior without disliking them in general.

I take people on their actions

So why does so many ppl say I do not like judgmental ppl wen all ppl if not all, at least most, seem to judge :joy:

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But what if they do that behaviour regularly.

Then you don’t like them in general right?

I don’t have a problem with ppl disliking ppl if they want to.

It’s just me personally, when I dislike ppl I feel it rebounds on me in an irritating sort of way.

I don’t know perhaps I am overthinking this :face_vomiting:

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