If you could walk a mile in my shoes you'd be crazy too

The only way to change me is to kill me. I thank god for my ability to know him. Am I wrong for wishing to be in heaven rather than suffering here. Everybody gotta die. Can I blame my pop cuz he was an abusive alcoholic. I hung out in the backstreets with the dopeheads.

I got nothing to lose. Born in communist Russia as a conformed child. 'F### life" is the attitude I was raised with. There’s no escape from this F***ed up world. Is there a heaven for an sz. It’s so hard on your consciousness.

I think of my grandma in the motherland who was close to me before I migrated to this country. American dream- my a##.
I smoke 30 cigs a day, not afraid to die. There’s no escape from a deadly fate. Lord, forgive me for blaming you. It’s so hard when you are suffering and you don’t know the purpose.
Thx to all the ppl in this forum, we r the craziest.

I remember some story on the news where they were interviewing these young black kids from the ghetto, and they were already saying it’s a bad world. Six years old and already disillusioned with life. To a certain extent, life is what we make it. The thing to do is make the best of it. Find the things that give you enjoyment, and pursue those. There’s got to be some things in this world you like.

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Ok sz tupac shakur

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Yeah I was gonna say this is eerily similar to a Tupac song

Hahaha, glad to see there are some pac fans on this forum RIP. I was listening to his song while writing this post that’s why I sound like a ghetto african american. Nice catch @eazy-j, smart fellow.

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