If you could tame

if you could tame any animal, what would it be?

i’d go with a lion. with a lion, no other animals would dare turn my way. and it could get me dinner.
or maybe a chicken, just 'cause i might just want chicken nuggets.

I’m gonna go with a Lion too. Or any type of wild cat.

a bird would be cool. i could use it to wake me up in the morning

A big ol’ bear 100%


i could use an ox or two to plow my field. i mean, once I tame an ox, I will HAVE to grow crops and harvest. lol just kidding.

a bear is cool. bears are scary but might make good furry pets

I’d like to tame the mold spores to stay on their own side of the fence, and get off my ceiling- Bad mold! BAD!
Ok, maybe the salamanders under the house to come out and go to the creek.
I could just see me, …pied piper of the salamanders.
Salamander leader.