If you could pinpoint the source of your voices

If you could pinpoint the source of your voices to a real entity what would you say or do to it?

I wouldn’t. I prefer not to dwell on these ideas

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I wish I could take the blue pill when it came to the reality (or disreality) of hearing voices. Like Cypher in the matrix says I would have spit the
Red pill in morpheus’s face if I knew how it would cripple me.


I found the source:


I hate the look of brains. It just grosses me out.


If it’s from my brain then why does it say ‘Marvin eastman’ this was a mma fighter that I am sure I don’t think of. As he is a bum. Last time I thought of him was when he fought ufc champ rampage Jackson. Over 10 years ago. The voice in my mind says it because I thought Marvin Eastman could have won then fight.

I think our brains store many things we thought we have forgotten and also for example when you think a lot you can extract many details.


I agree. Sometimes I feel lost because it’s a voice in my head I can’t control. If was coming from me you think I could make it say thing I’m thinking instead it says the same stuff to get on my nerves and once in a while adds a new word/s.

I do this often. I have a technique to mentally scan. Some voices are in my brainstem. Others outside my skull. Some from spine, hips and private area. To me its a good cop/bad cop routine. Using insanity to hide themselves and true programming.

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If I could pinpoint the voices I’d ask them to kindly mute the feed somehow, except for the good voice.

I would have given them both barrels in the past but I’m pretty used to them now.

That’s delusional thinking. It all stems from your brain.

I remember when I was in one episode, I read something online that if you asked a body part if it could talk what it would say to be healed.

So I started asking my body parts what they would say and of course since I was psychotic they starting talking to me…

It’s all in the mind.

Perhaps theres some delusion. Fact is though we hear sound. For a speaker to work requires magnetism and electrical charge. One time i stuck cloth medical tape in the grounding ports of outlets and it reduced the volume and made it sound static like. Thats why im of the mind its being induced by remote tech.

Yeah all it takes is a glimmer of ‘possibility’ that can spur on a whole host of experiences (hallucinations).
I think the sz mind is just a lot more flexible than a typical person

Thats just their cover…for money. And crack.(sarcasm)…maybe.

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