If you could meet anybody who would it be? Dead or alive

I want to meet Tim Hawkins. He’s a clean comedian. He’s hilarious. And I want to meet Prince.

The guy who invented fire.
That guy must be rich

My grandma (she passed away years ago). And indeed God, Jesus.

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I would meet Karlheinz Stockhausen

George Michael
Jackie collins

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Jesus or His apostles Peter and Paul

My grandfather. Passed away when I was young.

Idk who I’d want to meet… oh ok I’d like to sit down and have a smoke and coffee with this producer dude name [bsd.u] he recently opened up about his schizophrenia in a story on Instagram. He didn’t say much other than he was tapering off medication but I’d like to hear his experience with the illness and other general topics like music and life.

Alexander the Great , Cleopatra ,Socrates

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Jimi Hendrix


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