If You Could Learn Like a 7 Year Old, How Would You Study?


If You Could Learn Like a 7 Year Old, How Would You Study?

“The Limitless Drug: What If It Were Possible to Learn Any New Skill as If We Were Children?”

If Valproate does increase neuroplasticity to that of a 7 year old, and if my psychiatrist does prescribe it to me, the question is, how might I study to improve myself while I would hypothetically be on it?

Here are a few ideas I’ve come up with:

Practice on some of those practice IQ test books that are on sale on Amazon.
Practice at, or some other computer programming school.
Practice with some old mathematics or physics books.
Practice with a GRE or SAT preparation book.
Practice reading a foreign laguage.
Take an online college course.

Does anyone else have any ideas that they’d like to share? I’d ask the question on Facebook, but then my friends would know that I might ask my psychiatrist for a mood stabilizer. :stuck_out_tongue:

If You Could Learn Like a 7 Year Old, How Would You Study?


Eh, I think I will ask a question like this on Facebook. I don’t have to tell them I suspect I MIGHT get one of these ‘Limitless’ drugs prescribed to me soon. As the movie said, ‘What would YOU do?’ :stuck_out_tongue:


I would hopefully make faster progress with learning Adobe After Effects and FL Studio 11. They are both kicking me in the arse right now. :frowning:



That’s Depakote, right? I’m sure there are a lot of people on the forum who take this. Anyone experienced this effect?


According to Wikipedia, I think Valproic Acid is sold under the brand names Valproate and Depakote, yes.


I’ve always dreamed of learning about all he wildflowers + their medicinal + other purposes . To live for awhile like the people in the dark ages or whenever and do that. If I had another life.

In this one I’d stay pretty much as I am now + be happy understanding any information I come across in my every day life - which I can’t now.


i would major in finger painting !?!
take care


I saw a wonderful finger painting in the hospital where I stayed. It was an undersea picture with various sea creatures carved out of the paint with various tools, popcicle sticks, tips of fingernails, etc., swirled or coiled or opened just right - each creature with a different technique.


that sounds beautiful.
we have some of our nieces paintings in frames in the house, they are awesome.
take care


judith ann braun is my very favorite finger painter…

@darksith, I would love to study finger painting too.


LOVE these! I’d never heard of her work before. But now I’m a fan!

Thanks for sharing!




wow, that is amazing, i love artists everytime i think i have seen all expressions…some one creates something even more beautiful and unique.
take care



I learn one or two new languages: Spanish for sure and if I could learn a second would be Japanese. I have a few how to speak Spanish for dummies books but nothing on Japanese. With my memory it’s hard to learn something new like that right away.


I’d choose Japanese too but for more selfish and lamer reasons. It would make watching anime and playing video games easier.

If I was cured tomorrow I would go back to college and study philosophy.

BTW has anyone ever tried Strattera to help them concentrate better? My General Doctor and not my Psychiatrist prescribed it to me. (He used to be a Psychiatrist though). Because of it I’m able to read books again and I love reading.


lol, don’t care much about video games but I was thinking the same about the Anime cartoons. Not only would understanding the Japanese culture help but the language would be good. I’d also like to learn to watch foreign movies without subtitles. Plus I’ve always wanted to visit Japan, and knowing the language would make the trip more enjoyable. Spanish is probably the second most spoke language in the United States, not to mention I like musician’s like Jennifer Lopez and Shakeria who both tend to sing in Latin occasionally and I’d like to know what they’re singing…


I would really like to visit Japan too. And Italy. It’s funny you talking about music. I listen to a little J and sometimes Kpop. But I think the reason I like them is I don’t know the words. It’s like I can hear the music better without knowing the words. A little nutty. I admit. Also some of the lyrics to those songs are rather out there. It gets lost in translation I guess.


@futomimi I understand, for me listening to something in a different language tends to spark more creativity because can sit and imagine what people are saying. 99% of the time I know I’m wrong with the lyrics but it doesn’t matter it’s not why I’m listening to the music…


@sohare1981 Exactly. I get more of a feel for the music’s tone.