If you could choose your gender at birth, would you choose male or female?

If you could choose your gender at birth, would you choose male or female?

I know it’d be easier (in my situation not saying for everyone) if I was a female but I wouldn’t wanna give up my manhood. I prefer a challenge. So a man.

Women get sz later and lighter. And coming from upper middle class background it’s not exactly hard being a girl. But lots of guys struggle with it. That said I’m a man so if keep it that way.

That’s an odd ponder first thing in the morning. I have a hard time picturing myself as a woman.

I don’t know why… but I’d probably choose to be man again.

I was a man in most of my past lives.


Female. The balance of power has shifted.


its hard for any man to say they would choose to be a woman. I think you’d have to be bisexual in some sense to do that. The only problem I would have of being a woman is you know what, a mans bits is repulsive to me. SO I would choose a man again.

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I know I’d have a bigger ego if I were a female. They say ■■■■■ size influences your ego but a zero inch ■■■■■ is the ultimate ego.

You can always go lez

I dunno. I’d get to be the boss of my own home for a change. Oh, and I’d have dibs on the washrooms.



Female and hope I was well enough to be an adequate/good female.

Definitely male!

Of course male…lol…

It always looks easier on the other side.


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I would choose female again. I like being a woman.

I love being a man. Females take sex totally different and I like my sexual identity as a man.

I like my masculine nature. I’d only forfeit it to become a beast or some type of male animal.

I’d be a female again. And be a lesbian. Just like I’ve most always been. The idea of a ■■■■■ hanging between my legs repulses me.

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honestly i think i would choose male.

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