If you can't join 'em, lick "em

Sounds like “love thy enemy”. I did end up licking the ass of a man whom I couldn’t get rid of. He was impossible.

I’ve always wanted to be a postage stamp but they wouldn’t let me join. I had a fantasy about being a lollypop too but they excluded me.

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More like improbable. Did he stay after the the licking? Or did you have to beat him too? Hehehe…

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He stayed, and stayed and stayed…

Where is he now? Tucked away in the vegetable crisper?

I don’t know. At my age (69) you have to realize that that dilemma happened years ago.
I don’t have any inclination to try to find him.
ps By lick, I meant literally lick, no slang intended.

The stuff you post about may have happened years ago, but you talk of it as if were yesterday…kinda takes up valuable real estate in you head…?

It’s how I make order out of my chaos - studying the problems of the past and putting them in a better perspective.

Using all of today to understand yesterday.
Leaves no time to be involved in the now? Sounds like me, when people ask what do I do, all I can say is what I have done.

Well, I think our sz forces us to search for reasons and sources and where I fell in the past is what I must learn to avoid in the present and future.