If you cant commit long term to some voluntary work what are good one off voluntary opportunities

what are good one off volunteer opportunities

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Volunteering with animals is great! It changed my life for the better!


I can teach disable kids…but chances are low…

Once i did this job i got fired due to my severe cognitive symptoms…


Volunteering at a soup kitchen is something you can do once or twice with no commitment.


You don’t have to commit
Volunteering gets you out and improves your self esteem there are lots of benefits


I go to gym. That way i can be around people but i dont have to talk to anyone.

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Do a search for “places to volunteer,” then pick a couple that appeal to you. Call a few places in your area that fit the bill and ask if they will accept a volunteer who can’t commit to a regular schedule.

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Local events and fund raising often require adhoc volunteers.

To do things like take tickets or hold a collection bucket and more, you’ll probably not be expected to work alone.

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