If women ran the world there would be no more wars. NOT

Why would there be no more wars if women ran the world? Are we supposed to assume that women want to get along with each other? Nope. If you read the news every day in today’s world, women are murdering their husbands, their children, their neighbors, their boyfriends, strangers and each other etc, And in horrific, brutal, sick, fashion sometimes I might add.These are what would be running countries. Do you expect us to believe that some women aren’t violent, territorial, power-hungry, control freaks? I mean it’s obvious. Today’s women are fighting for their right to be in combat roles.We already have women who are trained to fly in fighter planes and have actually flown combat missions. It’s gone beyond equality. Women want superiority over each other and men. Women aren’t violent and aggressive? Go on YouTube and check out two women fighting in a MMA match, kicking each others ass, and bloodying each other and beating each other to a pulp. Sorry, I don’t buy the weaker sex theory. War is inevitable in human affairs, whether the world is run by men, women, gays, or transgender. If two people hate each other whether it’s men or women; two individuals or two countries don’t tell me that violence has not crossed their minds.The U.S is not a world leader because we are the nicest country on earth.

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I respectfully disagree - to a point. I think we’d likely see about a 95% reduction in the rate of war if women ran the world.

Lets look at the facts - women are only 5% of the jail population in most developed nations - so 95% of the violence and crime that takes place is from men (assuming everyone gets caught at equal rates).

Here is some more data if you want it:


Women wanting equal rights doesn’t mean hunger for power. It’s more of a gender tilt than anything else. Men are also becoming more femanine. But I agree, there would still be wars. Maybe even more wars. Who knows. I don’t think it matters. In the end, it seems the scales balance.


Most homicides are committed by men - most wars are waged by men - males are usually more aggressive -
these are just the facts

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Any competent world leader transcends his or her psycho-sexual personality. Petty considerations of sexual jealousy are not appropriate for world leaders. Margaret Thatcher and Golda Meir are examples of women who have transcended their gender to become dynamic world leaders. Ghandi and Bhutto also figure in. Cold hearted calculations of power are the only parameters of the conduct of policy by male and female world leaders.

I guess it might fall into the “Who really knows” ?category The violent crime rate among women has been slowly rising for years. I have a small slice of life that I can look at to bolster my argument. I work on an army base- with plenty of service women. They may seem demure, but they tend to be a little aggressive. Maybe they are acting but I’ve never seen cockier women then them. Most of the men tend to be arrogant But did you read Animal Farm? Quote “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”. If Hilary becomes president it does not mean there will be no more wars. I see women playing on weaknesses in life. In traffic, where I work, in my neighborhood. They have a taste of power and will not let men get away with as much crap as they used too. I know it’s still a mans world. Who really knows until it happens? 95% is a huge number. I just see the trend in society. Basically it boils down to that most people will get away with what they can. Maybe women are nicer but check out the proliferation of girl vs girl fights on YouTube. Even when I asked my sisters who are totally non-violent if they wouldn’t just want to punch out the stupid guys who tailgate everybody on their power trips, at first they gave me an emphatic NO! But I kept pressing them until they admitted ,YES!. Sorry. Kind of a rant inspired by a post by pob.

I think women want power as much as men. Who doesn’t want power and control?

SZ Admin. I don’t know if you can find a coloration between the crime rate and women running the world peacefully There is much violence and aggression that is not illegal. Sports, the military. Fighting by both sexes at grassroots levels that is not reported as assault. Violent CRIME may be mainly a mans domain but aggression and violence isn’t exclusive to men.

Ever watch the TV series Bad Girls Club on Oxygen, those women fight about the stupidest crap sometimes. Gives me a reminder that I live in a nice quiet home rather than that kind of environment. What about the the Sochi Suicide Bomber back during the Olympics? That was a woman. In this day in age wars/fights can start over anything and by anyone, male or female. As a woman I look back at all the reality shows and whatnot on TV see how jealous and catty women can get. Picture a woman with real power in a bad situation she felt deeply about…

Yeah, but those women are hand selected to witchy combative jerks. They are also paid to do it. Reality tv isn’t really reality.


This is why I use the word "most’ - the majority of violent crimes and murders are committed by males, there are exceptions - always

This thread confuses me greatly. There was war during Queen Elizabeth the 1st age, Queen Victoria had to watch WW1.

Maybe I’m dim on this one, but I don’t think gender has much to do with the propensity for aggression. Raise a person with aggression and violence, encourage that attitude and aggression is what you will get.

As far as war and peace… I don’t think it matters who is in charge of the big red button. In my humble opinion… Times dictate the action, not the sex. If Hillary were in office… and the civil wars of the middle east are still heating up, and Russia is still tinkering with middle eastern politics, she would be forced to take action same as any man who sits in the same chair.

It depends on what is expected of the person… male or female. When my sister is on duty with her beach guard team, she’s just as hard core, just as macho as the guys… because she has to be. There’s no crying in beach guarding.

But when she’s at the indoor pools teaching senior classes, or tot’s swim… she’s just as mellow and just as laid back as any of the guys who teach the same thing… this is senior therapy not boot camp.

I’m seeing gender play less of a part and cultural expectations have more of a roll on how people act.

Just my confused two cents.

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Let’s not forget that idiot Sarah Palin, Margaret Thatcher, and Hillary Clinton. All are oppressors.

While it may be true that most of the violent crime is committed by men, my experience in life does not paint a mild and peaceful picture of women. Don’t get me wrong, I love women, but from what I saw during my teen years I’m lead to believe that while males can be more physically aggressive, females can be far, far more vicious and sadistic towards each other than anything I saw among males.

Sure I’m talking teenage girls specifically and we all eventually grow up, but there had to have been something to this, I mean the majority of the limited amount of bullying I witnessed as a teen was girls bullying other girls, real mean stuff, I mean instilling the kind of shame and intimidation that doesn’t go away easily. I’m sure some of their victims suffered long after their bullies grew up and moved on.

I didn’t witness this among any group of guys I ever hung out with. Sure there was some but not anywhere near the level among these girls I’m speaking of. So if my experience counts for anything, women are capable of being just as sick as any guy.

women are much stronger than men in achieving what they want, they are less merciful than men and have a tougher heart to do what they feel as punishment…trust me wars might happen more if women ran the world…see the Milgram experiment

I don’t rub elbows with world leaders, so I don’t know which of their constituents they listen to the most, or who they allow to influence them the most.

However, from my limited experience down here in the non-high-society part of the U.S., I agree with Colonel Hawthorne’s assessment in the following old movie clip: Women are ALREADY running the U.S! (and the U.S. has been involved in several wars anyway)


(edit) I do however, disagree with Hawthorne’s assessment of the value of the country. I like the U.S. and enjoy being a citizen of it. I don’t care that women seem to run it. :stuck_out_tongue: (/edit)

Depends which woman / women ran things…

I have to agree both with 77Nick and SZadmin…

Some of her quotes:

War on Iran would end lackadaisical approach to terrorism. (Jun 2012)
Our troops are out on a task that is from God. (Nov 2009)
McCain: She has right judgment on Iran and the surge. (Aug 2008)
Pray that we’re on God’s side in war; not that He is on ours. (Nov 2009)

Can you imagine being faced with a combat line full of heavily armed women on their periods?