"If we could walk together, it would be alright."

Sometimes I had a hard time walking with others. Didn’t realize what work it is. The quote is from a song.


So music is universal?

I think all societies have music but the understanding of different music is not universal.

There are seven notes. India has seven, the west has seven. Seven repeated in different octaves.

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i think the quote means what is called ‘one love’ by the rastafarians meaning we should work together and not against each other. I think it is a great concept however I think it is utopic. I used to think in the collective but then one day not too long ago i was at the beach with a girl and them other men kept looking at her as if i wanst there. i am not violent or anything but if it wasnt for police and jail and all of this i’d drop them all dead for the disrespect. and that is why i cant go into relationships or care for anothers.

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there was an older woman in the hospital who wore a red hat. we would walk together sometimes around the courtyard. i wonder what happened to her.

i’ve found kind caring people along the way. I also found opressive male nurses who had a cricket skeleton frame but made so i’m bad faces. i guess maybe these memories may be distorted by my state of mind at the time. But it is interesting how a man gets transformed if you give him power.

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