If they had it their way, Sheri, you wouldn't even be on social media

Newsmax has a guy on there talking about a woman who wrote a book about Nixon, probably a long time ago,
how it ever came up, I don’t know.
He says to everyone, she was addicted, sad and mentally ill.
now that’s total discrimination.
it’s still upsetting me.
though it was only one guy who doesn’t represent the whole station,
I’m never going back.

Stand by me, Phil. “I don’t even watch the station, Sheri.”
good. then don’t.

bit ya in the ass, huh? didn’t even see it comin’.

Sorry that upset you, @Daze. So, is it a news station? If so, take what they say with a grain of salt. News networks say loads of offensive and insensitive things. Try to not let it get to you.

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yeah. thanks for responding.
I’ve gotten this on Facebook too,
guy says to everyone, Look her up, she’s mentally ill,
and shouldn’t even be on here.
I’m public.

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they just want to discredit any statement I make.


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