If there were a drug that could do for human health everything that exercise can

It would likely be the the most valuable pharmaceutical ever developed.

Exercise helps people learn, deal with stress, drastically reduces anxiety, improves mood by lifting people out of depression, and strengthens focus.

Students with higher fitness scores have higher test scores.

Exercise primes the brain to learn faster.

If your dopamine isn’t working properly you can find it hard to get things done because you are not getting enough fulfillment to justify doing them.

Exercise boosts motivation by increasing dopamine storage and triggering the creation of dopamine receptors in the reward center.

30 minutes jogging 3 times a week is just as effective as Zoloft.

Frequent exercise allows your body to become much better at reacting to stress.


There may be an “interaction” between the mefication metformin and exercise


I need to exercise more. I have the time and no excuse not to.

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