If there is other life in the universe

If there is other life in the universe it is most likely microbial life. If there are other complex life forms it is probably too primitive to have spoken language, if it does have spoken language it is probably in a stone age, if it is in an iron or bronze age it is probably not civilized, if it is civilized it is likely to be primitive, if there is other highly civilized life in the universe it has probably destroyed itself with nuclear weapons.

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I would say that the likelihood is pretty high. The likelihood is also pretty high that it/they is/are so far away that we may never encounter them/it.

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Maybe that life in another universe is heaven.


We are discovering that microbial life is more advanced than we gave it credit for.

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That is very true. The nearest star to earth is four light years away. That doesn’t sound bad until you figure out how many miles away that is. The nearest star is 22.8 trillion miles from earth.

Space is very, very big and there’s a lot we don’t understand about our own planet.

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There are bound to be many forms of microbial life. Some are probably more advanced than others. I doubt if even the most advanced microbial life has a brain.

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