If the universe is meaningless, what's so crazy about psychosis?

Chances are that if I took APs I’d worry a great less deal about what it means to exist, to be human, and to be conscious. It doesn’t follow though that the “absence of APs” is the root cause of my existential dread. Given this sorry state of affairs and the magnitude of our collective tragedy, I don’t see what’s so odd about believing that there only one person exist that the universe is a simulation generated by the demiurge. It would be a real kindness if someone could refute this view.

If you are your own frame of reference, you feel that you are always sane.


What do you mean by AP?


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It does feel meaningless sometimes – or maybe a lot of times. I can’t get over the simulation crap and aliens. Is there a God? I hope so. They sure act like it.

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@anon28145038 I’m sorry this is your experience of Life. Please know, that when people respond to your post it is out of kindness. There is at least that in the world

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I gotcha now.

Haldol has helped me with these things and -no- I wasn’t suffering from “lack of Haldol”. :laughing:

I’m not 100% on board with the disease model here, which I believe is very functional for many. I’m too intense to leave it at that, but I can be practical and say to myself “I’m less suicidal when I’m taking my Haldol as prescribed”, “life may be more boring and/or colorless, but I’ll get to see my kids grow up”…stuff like that.

But, the gist is, I have to step outside the existential and find the boring sucky practical thing and do that. (I don’t always make that choice though, which leads to more hospitalizations, etc.)

Good luck. It’s not easy.


I don’t know how people coped with “lack of haldol” before haldol was invented.

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I would happily settle for that.

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